Spring 2019


Golden Gate Branch Library

5606 San Pablo Avenue

Oakland CA

We're excited to introduce the Golden Gate Library Local Collection, a new eight-book series of primary source information that neighbors have shared with Commons Archive over the years. This new place-based reference series retains archival community resources within the neighborhood branch library.

The Local Collection includes materials that were, up until now, stored in basements, locked file cabinets, and forgotten boxes. These newsletters, journals, unpublished papers, articles, scrapbooks and reports bring together narratives of the dedicated efforts of neighbors and community-based organizations.

Books are the vocabulary of the library and the Local Collection gets at the heart of Commons Archive by tangibly making meaningful connections between neighbors’ past, present, and future through the recognition that we produce history, not someone else. Save the date Golden Gate Library Local Collection launch celebration on Saturday afternoon, September 21, 2019!

Belonging to the community, this material is being returned to neighbors' knowledge base and will be permanently housed at the Golden Gate Branch Library, a longstanding community anchor. The idea behind the Local Collection came about through a collaboration with Erin Sanders, our local library manager who suggested that we translate the memories and materials shared with Commons Archive into a series of reference books that would be easily accessible to our local community.